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The Cyberspace Railroad - Forging a Path to Liberty and Justice 20170322

March 22, 2017

This week your Cyberspace Railroad host, attorney Bryan Bullock, kicked off a multi-part series titled "The Police State". Part One, a Black Perspective.  Get ready for a one-word response:  Wow!  Defining a police state by its trappings of hyper surveillance, militarized police, agent provocateurs, and the like . . . Bullock makes the point that these phenomena have always been part of the Black experience in America.  And their goal far exceeds the suppression of civil liberties that all who are the target of a police state experience.  For African Americans, it is Black consciousness, self-protection, self-love, empowerment, prosperity, and even survival that is oppressed.  The Police State for Blacks is about life and death.

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